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The Creature wants a companion to satisfy the natural human desires that he wishes to give and receive; he requests that Frankenstein make him a companion “of the same species” (Shelley 118). At this request, Frankenstein is “bewildered, perplexed, and unable to arrange [his] ideas sufficiently to understand the full extent of his proposition” (Shelley 118). Nonetheless, the Creature is certain in himself that he knows what he needs and sees his request as only adequate to fulfill his desires, as well as Frankenstein’s. The thoughts that came to Frankenstein involved the Creature and his companion’s use of free-will. Would they truly leave mankind (and Frankenstein) at peace? Or would they continue to do odious things?

It is one thing to deal with one Creature, but a second? There is no telling what she may do. If Frankenstein could not control the first, who can assure him that the second creature will? She may want to kill as the Creature has already done. Upon such reflections, Frankenstein questions other results of creating a creature whose dispositions were not known (Shelley 138). Frankenstein realized that although the Creature promised to hide himself away from mankind, even he could not make her consent to the same promise; the two might even come to hate one another, a conclusion he arrived at knowing the Creature already hated his own appearance (Shelley 138). Another worry is if they had the ability to procreate; mankind might be threatened and their race would begin to thrive. He didn’t want to be known for “buy[ing] [h]is own peace at the price perhaps of the existence of the whole human race” (Shelley).


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