Parallel Lives

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
A gloomy, cold scenery like the one we would imagine the creature feels he lives in.


The chase enabled the Creature to lead Frankenstein to sample a small measure of his sufferings: external and internal sufferings. Forced to take care of himself with no one’s guidance or assistance at the beginning of his life, the Creature led Frankenstein into parallel living circumstances. The Creature led him into an icy environment not suited for humans, reminding us that the Creature was rejected, made an outcast and had to learn how to survive on his own. One of the first sensations he made upon his existence was the cold he felt in Frankenstein’s room; the Creature took some of Frankenstein’s clothes, only to find that they were not enough to keep him warm and dry from “the dews of night” (Shelley 80). Shelley associates the cold with what she leaves us with, “darkness and distance” (191).

In a different manner, the Creature destroyed anyone that provided Frankenstein with agreeable emotions so that Frankenstein would feel something to the degree of what he felt: pain and separation from pleasurable emotions. What is different is that, in Frankenstein’s separation from receiving and giving good emotions such as love and compassion, he was also left with a sensation of loss. In light of this, since the Creature was never given the opportunity to associate with others freely (with the exception of the blind man) he was never given or never experienced pleasurable emotions to begin with. Also, could he feel a loss about something he was never given or had never experienced? The Creature could only associate with these emotions in their display through the lives and interactions of others.


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