Power Play

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized



     Frankenstein had big plans to create life in the form of a human. What he had in mind were the beginnings of a “new species” that would “bless” him as “its creator and source” and who would “owe their being” to him (Shelley 36). However, despite all his scientific inquiry and studies, he took no time to consider the potential outcomes. Did he really think it would be so easy to gain control over a new creation? In Frankenstein, we see a shift in roles, where the created being becomes the master rather than the supposed natural and assumed control of the creator as the master, granting the Creature power.

     Although Frankenstein held the initial power and started everything, he lost his power eventually. In his loss, the Creature gained power and control. For example, Frankenstein commences the chase by running away after the Creature came to life. Gradually, the Creature takes the reigns and he leads Frankenstein on a chase into hazardous environments, making it difficult for Frankenstein to survive.

Also, in his demands to get Frankenstein to make him a companion, it was the Creature calling the shots, not Frankenstein. The Creature threatened to not leave him at peace unless he promised to accomplish his request, which he agreed to, only to break his promise later on. Despite Frankenstein’s use of terms like “slave,” it is a simple attempt at trying to maintain and present authority, as to remind the Creature of his place in the relationship since the term “slave” is a subservient term. Another term that Frankenstein uses is “daemon” and “demon,” to emphasize the Creature’s non-human status as to remind him of his place and his origins.


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